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HollyHock Flowers Exhibit at Deerfield Fair Won 1st Place

HollyHock Flowers Hobbit Wedding Exhibit ~ Deerfield State Fair

HollyHock Flowers Hobbit Wedding Exhibit at the Deerfield Fair won first place.

What is Hobbit?

Hobbits are a fictional, diminutive, race who inhabit the land of Middle-Earth in J.R. Tolkien's books The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings. 

According to Tolkien's much loved stories, a Hobbit is between 2 and 4 feet tall and likes to dress in bright colors, especially yellow and green.

Hobbits are shy and unadventurous and prefer a simple life of farming, socializing and eating six meals per day, and are capable of great courage when the situation arises.

HollyHock Flowers Floral Exhibit

HollyHock Flowers Exhibit at Hopkinton State Fair Won 1st Place

HollyHock Flowers Steampunk ~ Hopkinton State Fair

HollyHock Flowers vision for a steam-powered future at the Steampunk Exhibit at the Hopkinton State Fair won first place.

What is steampunk?

Steampunk displays futuristic technologies and inventions as people in the 19th century might have envisioned them and is rooted in the Victorian Era’s fashion, culture, architecture and art. 

Steampunk is science fiction and fantasy genre that blends technology and designs inspired by 19th century industrial steam powered machinery. Steampunk works are set an alternative history of the 19th century British Victorian Era or the American Wild West, in a post-apocalyptic future or fantasy world in which steam power has maintained mainstream usage.

HollyHock Flowers Steampunk Exhibit

Floral Design at HollyHock Flowers

For Weddings, Events or Just Because ~ Custom Designed Arrangements

HollyHock Flowers Floral Arrangements Are as Unique & Distinctive As You Are!

HollyHock Flowers is a local Henniker, New Hampshire florist with a lovely variety of fresh flowers and creative floral arrangement ideas to suit any style or budget. Our talented design staff is ready to help you plan the bouquets, arrangements and on-site decorating for your dream wedding or a special occasion. Call in advance and set up an appointment for your floral consultation. Check out our portfolio for a sampling of our unique creations.

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HollyHock Flowers Delivers

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